It can be frustrating to hop in the shower only to discover that your hot water heater isn’t working! It not only interrupts your bathing, laundry, dishwashing, and more but just makes your daily life a hassle.

Why Is Periodic Gas Hot Water Heater Repair Important?

Your water heater is one of the more expensive parts of your home’s plumbing system. Many times, you don’t even think about the water heater until there is a problem. By getting it periodically inspected, you can make sure your water heater lasts longer. A maintained water heater also means reducing your utility bills since it will be functioning more efficiently. You can also make sure to prevent flooding in your home by inspecting it regularly.

Signs Gas Hot Water Heater Repair is your need of the hour

Pay attention to these signs so that you can fix your hot water heater before it needs to be replaced and you are left without hot water for longer than you would like.


The age of your water heater can be an indication that it’s time for a water heater replacement. Water heaters last between six and 13 years. If your water heater is getting up there in age then it could be a sign that it may soon give up on you.

Rusty Water

The water coming from your pipes should be clear. If you notice the water that comes from the hot water heater is rusty then this could be a sign of trouble. It likely means that the water heater is degrading inside and that is what is making the water rusty. A degraded or old water heater is more prone to fail and it can burst, which can cause a flood and damage to your home. If you see rust-colored water from your water heater then you want to consult a professional immediately before there is a bigger problem.


Having a little noise coming from your water heater is normal since all appliances make noise. However, if you hear any banging, cracking or loud popping sounds coming from it then this is an important warning sign. What is most likely causing the noise is mineral deposits have built up and are causing the appliance to overheat since it has to work harder to keep the water hot. These mineral deposits harden over time and cause damage to the water heater. If the tank hasn’t started leaking, a flush and a cleaning can be enough to prevent the noise and keep it working.


It can be hard to tell if there is sediment building up in your water heater but you should be on the lookout for a foul smell that is similar to rotten eggs. This smell is a sign that there is sediment at the bottom. Since the sediment takes up space, this means it also reduces the volume of water the tank will hold. Your tank has to work overtime to heat water and this means higher utility bills and the chance that your tank will have more problems down the line and have to be replaced.


If you notice any leaking water near the water heater, this is not something you want to ignore. You want to resolve even minor leaks because small leaks can grow and not only cause damage to the property but also lead to a mold infestation. It can be hard to tell if you have a leaky water heater sometimes. In order to check if you have a leak, look at the area around your water heater. If you see any water then look closely at the fixtures and pipes nearby to see if you are able to tell where the water is coming from. If you don’t see water following from any fixtures or pipes then clean up the water and monitor the area closely. Observe every couple of hours to see if the water has returned. If you do see the water is returning then your water heater likely has a leak and you need an expert to inspect it.

Thermostat Fluctuation

No hot water is an obvious sign that there is something wrong but thermostat and temperature fluctuations can also be a clue that something is wrong. When this happens, it could mean that there are mineral deposits built up around the heating elements or that the heating elements need to be replaced or repaired.

Improper Tank Size

One thing to consider is if the tank of your water heater is meeting your current household needs. If your tank size is too small for your household, you could be running into problems sooner since your tank will have to work extra in order to meet the demands of hot water in your house. If your tank is too large then you could be wasting money on heating bills.

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