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Water heater not functioning properly? When was the last time you got it inspected by professionals?

It’s time you reach out to water heater specialists at Advanced Professionals, who, upon thorough inspection, will promptly identify and fix any and every water heater issue. We hold a high success rate of gas hot water repair service in and around New Jersey at the most competitive market price. 

What are some of the issues that require a gas hot water heater repair service?

Leakage in water heater:

Leakage in the water heater can lead to poor efficiency of the system, water pooling around the unit posing electric hazards. Check for the front and back of the unit. 

Unexplained Sounds:

If you hear rumbling, screeching, or any strange noise every time you turn on the water heater, there is a strong possibility that the internal components have been damaged. It could also be due to overheating, pressure or sediment build up in the system. 

Temperature Issues:

Is the water not hot enough, or is it way too hot? Temperature issues, although common in the water heater can result in bigger problems later, such as a sudden burst or leakage endangering you and your loved ones. 

Strange odor:

Is there a foul smell every time you turn on the hot faucets or the smell is persistent. Either way, you need a water heater specialist to look into it. 

Improper water flow:

Is the water pressure too high or too low? Both the cases indicate sediment build up inside the unit, which needs to be cleared by water heater specialists. 

No Light Signal:

The gas water heater comes with a pilot light that indicates that the water is getting warm. If the pilot light goes on and off randomly, then its a clear warning sign of Serious malfunctioning in the unit, which needs immediate gas hot water heater repair service. 

What are the common causes of water heater damage?


Mineral build-up and sedimentation at the bottom of the water tank will eventually start corroding the unit’s internal components, resulting in water heater issues. 


The operational life of a water heater is ten years. If you have had yours for more than a decade, it’s time to get it replaced.

Corrosive fumes: 

If the water heater has drawn in corrosive air, it will adversely affect the system’s components, resulting in water heater damage. 

What are the signs that you need water heater specialists?

Particles in the water

If you see particles in water coming from the faucets, then there are some issues with the internal components that need to be immediately addressed. 

Colored water:

Discolored, cloudy water means the water if not getting filtered properly, or the internal components have gotten damaged. This can pose a severe health hazard, as this also suggests a high mineral level in the water.

Running out of water too fast

Heating elements at the top or bottom of the water heater are responsible for keeping the water hot throughout. If you run out of hot water too fast, then there is some problem with one of those elements. 

Why Us?

We are a BBB business accredited with an A+ rating, recipient of the 2019 Angie’s List Award, and an Amana certified dealer with more than 800+ A+ positive ratings by homeowners in and around New Jersey. 

We have a team of trained technicians with extensive experience in gas hot water repair, with the same knowledge and diligence that will guarantee your furnace can work to its complete operational life. 

Putting their experience to use, our gas hot water heater repair technicians will be quick to identify and repair the water heater’s damage, such as a leakage issue with the right set of tools in the shortest turnaround time. 

We aim to ensure 100% customer satisfaction by deploying a team of trained, certified., licensed, and experienced technicians who will not only help with gas hot water repair but also guide you with the maintenance tips for the same to make sure it operates smoothly.

Our water heater specialist will make sure that your slab is set in the right place for good and strengthen your home’s structural integrity. 

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