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Water seeping into the home, but you can’t explain how? Are there damp spots on the floor or the carpet of your home?

You are looking at a slab leakage that runs underneath, close to the foundation of the home, and if not inspected and repaired at the right time by the professionals, can damage the structural integrity of the home, leading to the formation of the sinkhole to crumbling the entire house down. 

What is a slab leakage?

Cracks or damages in the home slab foundation results in slab leakage, which can be difficult to notice at first, till the symptoms like water coming off the ground become evident. If left uninspected, it can result in uneven floors, solid erosion, and the home’s foundation to shift. 

What causes slab leakage?

Water Pressure:

Irregular water pressure through the plumbing fixtures can result in leakage in the slab. It can lead to several other plumbing issues in the home if not controlled with a pressure regulator

External pressure:

Apart from the water pressure, external pressure on the foundation, such as earthquakes, shifting of soil, or an underground stream can also result in slab leak, which, if unchecked, can lead to flooding. 

The disturbed pH level of water:

If the water surrounding the foundation of your home or going through these pipes is extremely acidic or basic, it can corrode the pipes, easily identified by the stains on the pipes. 

Improperly installed pipes:

If the pipe that has been installed improperly or there are bends or dent in the pipe, it could lead to slab leakage. Improperly installed pipes pose more threat to the integrity of the home. 

What are the signs of slab leakage?

Sound of running water:

If you can hear the sound of running water but can not point towards the source, you have a leak that needs immediate slab leak repair. 

Water spots on the floor:

If there are unexplained damp spots and puddles on the floor of your home, the reason lies beneath the foundation of the slab leakage. 

Cracks in the foundation:

Are there cracks around the foundation of your home or the walls inside? If so, this could direct to slab leakage, which needs to be immediately addressed by a professional slab leak repair specialist. 

Swelling in the foundation:

If you notice heaving in the building, it can be a result of the foundation swelling due to leakage in the slab underneath. It can also show in the form of interior or exterior cracks. 

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We have a team of trained technicians with extensive experience in slab leak repair, with the same knowledge and diligence that will guarantee your furnace can work to its complete operational life. 

Putting their experience to use, they will be quick to identify and repair the slab leakage issue with the right set of tools in the shortest turnaround time. 

Our aim is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction by deploying a team of trained, certified, licensed, and experienced technicians who will not only help with slab leak repair but also guide you with the maintenance tips for the same to make sure it operates smoothly.

Our slab leak repair contractor will make sure that your slab is set in the right place for good and strengthens the structural integrity of your home. 

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