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Gas Leak Tester | New Jersey

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Gas lines are surely the lifeline of all the houses in New Jersey. The essential gas lines power heaters, stoves, and various other house appliances that keep your warm during the chilling winter season. In the modern era, nobody can imagine living in a house without a gas line. But the same gas line also carries violent elements that can create havoc if not managed properly.

With time, even the best gas line degrades, and corrosion level ups the degrading process. At Professional Sewer Drain, our experienced and skilled professionals have got the right experience to detect and fix gas leakage. Even if you are looking for a gas leak tester, you can call us and get help from professionals.

Red Flags For Gas Leakage

  • If you are using gas normally and if your gas bills are increasing without any reason then there are maximum chances there is some type of gas leakage.
  • If you are completely healthy but always feel dizzy or suffer from headache whenever you enter your house then it might be because of the presence of gas coming out of gas lines.
  • Another major signal for gas line leakage is pilot light blowing out without any proper reason. The chemical present in the gas line can cause the pilot light to blow off.
  • If you are noticing blue flame coming out of your stove instead of orange or yellow flame then it can be because of gas leakage as well.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned signals in your house then you should call us at (973)894–3005 and get the issue fixed as soon as possible. Gas leaks are more dangerous because detecting them by smelling is not possible and this is why you will need professional help for detecting the root source of gas leakage.

In addition to gas leakage detection, we also offer  gas leak tester, and therefore instead of searching for  gas leak tester just give us a call.

Our gas leakage detection process

We are very much strict with our gas detection and  gas leak tester process and that’s why our experts only follow our ideal gas detection process. We have designed this process by taking the safety concerns in mind and it helps us to provide the best gas detection service in the whole New Jersey Area.

  • Our gas leakage detection expert will first visit your house and conduct a thorough inspection of the whole gas line system and connections.
  • Then the presence of gas in the indoor air will be checked by our experts in order to find where there is a problem or not.
  • After detection of the presence of gas in the air, our experts will find the source of gas leakage by using powerful and highly advanced gas leakage detectors and other tools.
  • After the detection of the source of leakage, our experts will fix the issue by using tried and tested methods.
  • You will be provided a full report of the gas leakage detection and repair so that you can stay alert in the future regarding gas leakage and also because we love to maintain transparency.

How do we detect leaks that go unnoticed by our clients?

Both our experience and the use of state-of-the-art equipment help our experts to detect all those leaks that usually go unnoticed by our clients. Our trained and certified gas leak experts have many years of experience in detecting and fixing gas leaks and that’s why even minor leaks never go unnoticed by us. And since safety is our first priority, we always use tried and tested methods for gas leakage detection and even for gas leak testers.

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