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When you have a plumbing emergency like a backed-up toilet or clogged sewer line at your home or business call on Advanced Professional Sewer & Drain. We off 24-hour emergency rooter service to clear your plumbing day or night. Attempting to clear your plumbing yourself can be costly and possibly dangerous. Using harsh chemicals down your drains is not going to clear a serious drain or sewer line blockage. You need a professional plumber with state of the art tools to effectively root the drain lines so that the problem doesn’t return in a short amount of time.

Sewer line blockages can result in sewage reversing back into your home or business. This is very unsanitary! If this happens we recommend that you turn off the closest water source to prevent further damage to your structure while we are in route to your emergency. When your toilet is clogged and not flushing the waste away, turn off the water source to the commode with the valve generally located near the floor at the back of the toilet. This prevents additional water from refilling the toilet when the original waste is not being removed due to the clog.

Business owners and homeowners alike, trust the service of Advanced Professional Sewer & Drain. When you need a professional rooter service we are here to do it right and fast. We offer 24/7 emergency rooter service to our residential and commercial clients with competitive prices that are affordable for your budget. We have experienced plumbers and technicians that provide top quality work with the tools and knowledge to get the job done right. We care for our customers and that’s why we treat your home and business as though it were our own. Call on us immediately when you need rooter service day or night!

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